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Choice Program

February-May 2023
Application Opens January 2, 2023

*Application closes on January 23rd

The Choice Program offers whole-family support for Black homeschooling families looking to leverage their ability to sustain their home schools. Unlike other homeschool support programs, our families choose which resources are best for their home school. We provide a mentor who supports home educators in identifying and obtaining resources. Through financial and network support, we provide access to resources, communities, programming and learning experiences that are customized to each family’s needs. In turn, home educators and students partner with us to co-design and enhance our programming. 

Co-Designing with Our Families

Our mission is to learn what barriers families experience when educating their children at home, test solutions that break down those barriers and learn what choices families make in order to sustainably and successfully homeschool. Family voice and agency is central to how we design our programming and services. This information helps us and our partners to provide the support that is most relevant and beneficial to our families. 


Eligibility Requirements

Child/ren are homeschooled: Parent-led, at home instruction, not schooling-at-home through a public or private school remote learning or online program. 


Home educator and student identifies as Black/African American.


Resides in the United States.

Experiences or anticipates experiencing any circumstances that create barriers to sustaining a home school. 

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