School Choice Youth Voice

Summer Interns



Cierra is a high school sophomore, loves school and is always ahead of the game. She aspires to purse  a degree in sports business, cosmetology, and admires playing high school volleyball.


Londyn is a high school junior. She's a strong advocate for student voices being heard and being part of the community. She aspires to attend law school at Stanford.


Jason is a high school senior. He is hard working student that is passionate about equal rights.


Angel is a sophomore and a future entrepreneur and lawyer. She is actively involved with several community improvement organizations and projects. She is a co-host on a social justice youth-led podcast that is making a great impact in her community and beyond.


Elijah is a high school senior and an aspiring graphic designer. A creative at heart, Elijah desires to merge his love of art with entrepreneurship. He strives to be better and grow as a person and have new and fun experiences along the way.


JaiNaila is a joyful high school senior and is a proud little and big sister. She plays varsity volleyball and is an aspiring future U.S. Marine.