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This summer our initiative, Black Homeschooling Sustainability Initiative,  launched our School Choice, Youth Voice Internship program. The internship is an educational and leadership program where interns learn and practice research skills and are exposed to professional development opportunities. We hired 6 high school interns from Denver's Far Northeast neighborhoods to help us conduct research on Black families and homeschooling. 

For the research project we asked interns to answer the question, What are the perspectives of Black youth about home-based education pre-Covid-19 and currently?  They created a survey and solicited participation from Black youth in the Denver Metro area. In partnership with R.O.G.U.E Podcast, they created a podcast episode, School Choice, Youth Voice: Expanding the Conversation, to share what they learned and to make recommendations for action steps the community can take to support students and families.

We hope you will take the time to listen to these extraordinary youth and their message to the community. We are blown away by the quality of research and professionalism our interns exhibited! They have a strong voice and they deserve to be heard! 


You can find the School Choice Youth Voice: Expanding the Conversation episode on anyone of these platforms


You can learn more about our interns here


Please support the R.O.G.U.E Podcast by subscribing to their podcast, Instagram (@r_o.g.u.e) and Facebook and website platforms. 

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